How do you attach a weather station to the roof?

Where do I put ambient weather station?

Ideally, your weather station should be placed 5 feet over short grass or low shrubs.

Do you need to ground a weather station?

Grounding for the weather station is for lightning and static protection, rather than protection from faults (bonding). You will not be able to provide adequate grounding to protect against a direct lightning strike.

How do I connect my weather station to weather Underground?

How to set up sharing with Weather Underground

  1. From the top menu, select Settings > Share Weather > Weather Underground.
  2. Select Add.
  3. Enter your Weather Underground Station ID.
  4. Enter your Weather Underground Password (Station Key). …
  5. Select the Connection Device the sensor is added to.
  6. Select the sensor. …
  7. Select Save.

How long does it take for my weather station to show on weather Underground?

If you went offline or new to, it takes a day or two to get added to the map. If detects a Quality Control issue in your data (weather station went offline for a period of time, or temperature is out of range when compared to other weather stations in your area).

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