How do you get rid of winter headaches?

What causes headache during winter?

Research shows that headaches become more common in the winter season as cold temperatures and short sunshine duration can alter the atmospheric (barometric) pressure. This change in pressure can cause haemodynamic (internal blood pressure mechanism) changes in the body, leading to headaches or migraines.

How do you get rid of a weather change headache?

Try these:

  1. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.
  2. Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water per day.
  3. Exercise most days of the week.
  4. Eat a balanced diet and avoid skipping meals.
  5. Practice relaxation techniques if you’re experiencing stress.

Does winter cause more migraines?

With winter in full swing, you might find that you are experiencing increased migraine activity. Many migraineurs report a spike in their migraine frequency when the weather turns chilly. The cooler temperatures are often a culprit, but certain things we do when it gets cold outside can trigger migraines.

How do you get rid of a barometric pressure headache?

Some people experience high-altitude headaches due to changes in barometric pressure, such as during plane travel.


  1. over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs)
  2. acetaminophen (Tylenol)
  3. antinausea medications.
  4. medications called triptans, which treat migraine and cluster headaches.

Do earplugs help migraines?

COLD SPRING HARBOR, N.Y. – Cirrus Healthcare Products recently launched a new migraine relief earplug clinically proven to reduce the duration, intensity and discomfort of migraine headaches called MigraineX. Along with the new earplugs, Cirrus will be launching a great aid for migraine sufferers – the MigraineX App.

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Why do I get a headache when the weather changes?

If you’re prone to getting headaches, you could find that grey skies, high humidity, rising temperatures and storms can all bring on head pain. Pressure changes that cause weather changes are thought to trigger chemical and electrical changes in the brain. This irritates nerves, leading to a headache.

What gets rid of headaches fast?

Tips to Get Rid of a Headache

  1. Try a Cold Pack.
  2. Use a Heating Pad or Hot Compress.
  3. Ease Pressure on Your Scalp or Head.
  4. Dim the Lights.
  5. Try Not to Chew.
  6. Hydrate.
  7. Get Some Caffeine.
  8. Practice Relaxation.

How should I sleep to avoid headaches?

Research has shown that back or side sleeping is the best sleeping position for neck pain. These two positions put less pressure on your spine and allow your neck to rest in a natural position. Practice better sleep habits such as avoiding TV and blue light sources to improve your sleep quality.