How do you organize a rain garden?

How do I plan a rain garden?

How to Build a Rain Garden

  1. Choose the Site. Your rain garden should be located at least 10 feet from the house. …
  2. Prepare the Soil. Once you’ve identified the new garden’s location, remove the sod and dig a shallow depression approximately 6″ deep. …
  3. Choose Native Plants. Native plants are the best choice for rain gardens.

What can you plant in a rain garden berm?

Choose flowering plants, grasses, and shrubs that provide resources at different times of the year. Our planting palette article may help you with this process. Plants that require drier soils should be planted in the berm, with water-loving plants in the lowest part of the garden.

What are the different layers of a rain garden?

The rain garden consists of a vegetated or stone ponding area, a mulch layer, a planting soil layer, a sand bed, and a gravel base. The multiple layers work together to filter pollutants from water, allowing it to infiltrate into the groundwater supply uncontaminated.

How deep should my rain garden be?

A typical rain garden is between four and eight inches deep. A rain garden more than eight inches deep might pond water too long, look like a hole in the ground, and present a tripping hazard for somebody stepping into it. … The slope of the lawn should determine the depth of the rain garden.

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Do the rain gardens have standing water?

No. Because rain gardens are shallow and are only built on soils with sufficient drainage, they are designed to dry out before mosquitoes can reproduce. Will my rain garden have standing water? Rain gardens are designed to infiltrate water in about a day.

How much do rain gardens cost?

Cost. The cost associated with installing residential rain gardens average about three to four dollars per square foot, depending on soil conditions and the density and types of plants used in the installation. Commercial, industrial and institutional site costs can range between ten to forty dollars per square foot.

Do rain gardens attract mosquitoes?

Will a Rain Garden Attract Mosquitoes? Water should stand in a rain garden no longer than 24 hours after the rain stops. Mosquitoes cannot complete their breeding cycle in this length of time, so a rain garden should not increase mosquito populations.