How does the poet feel about rain?

How did the poet feel when the rain began?

Answer: 1) The poet describes the movement before it rains by saying that the dark clouds gather at one place in the night sky which is full of stars. . The poet compares the darkness with sadness, as these humid shadows gently weep which pours down rainy tears.

Do you feel the same like the poet about rain?

Answer: Yes, I think that most people have the same feelings when it rains as the poet. Explanation: … The abundant falling rain creates a feeling of abundance in people’s hearts, which leads to numerous fancy imaginations and it brings down beautiful old memories.

What feelings does the falling rain arouse in the poem rain on the roof?

Answer: In the poem at first the poet feels sad and gloomy after seeing the dark clouds however when it starts raining, the pitter patter sound of the rains reminds him of his mother and the way she used to nurture them that makes him feel happy and pleasant.

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How does the poet describe rain in the poem?

In the poem, the poet describes the rain to have descended from the heaven as if been delivered to the nature by the hands of God. … The poet calls the Rain a messenger of mercy between the field and the clouds (two lovers).

Why does the poet feel so much connected to rain?

The poet loves the rain because it carries him in old memories. He thinks it is bliss to hear the sound of the rain on the roof. He lies in his cosy bed and enjoys the music of nature. It is a bliss for him.

What is the feeling of the poet when the rain respond to his question?

Answer: The poet gets surprised when he gets an answer from the rain, as it is inanimate and cannot speak. In this poem, to the poet’s and reader’s amazement, the rain gives a reply which has been translated by the poet for the readers.

What is the mood of the poet in rain on the roof?

Rain on The Roof Tone

He is sad and thoughtful, and the rain also seems to mirror his emotions as it looks like tears falling softly from human eyes. However, soon the sound of raindrops helps him recover from his melancholic mood.

How does the poet find it a bliss to feel when it rains?

The poet feels bliss in the poem Rain on the Roof when lying in the snugness of his bed he listens to the pattering of the soft rain on the roof. This pattering brings many fancies and recollections in his mind; he also remembers the memory of his mother who had passed away long ago.

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How does the rain affect the poet’s heart?

Ans. Every drop of rain falling on the roof makes a tinkling sound that moves the poet’s heart. These sounds rouse a number of imaginary things in the thoughts of an otherwise busy poet. The soft pitter-patter of the falling rain-drops also revives many childhood memories.

What is the mood of the poet?

Mood is the feeling created by the poet for the reader. Tone is the feeling displayed by the author toward the subject of the poem. Mood and tone often depend on one another to get across what the author is trying to portray.