How does the sky look before the rainfall rain on the roof?

What happens to the sky when it is about to rain?

As the water vapor rises up in the air, it condenses, or starts to cool down and turns back into a liquid. Then, droplets of water start to stick together as clouds. When enough droplets stick together in the clouds, they become large and heavy and are pulled down towards the earth by the force of gravity.

How does the plain look before the rain?

Explanation: Before the rain, the plain looks like a leopard’s tawny and spotted hide due to its light brown colour which indicates that it has dried up. The grass is extremely dry and the crops are even more so, and thus the rain is extremely welcomed.

What appears when the rain falls on the shingles?

Answer: : When the drops of rain fall on shingles, they make a tinkling sound. The tinkling sound echoes his heart. A thousand old memories weave their air-threads into pattering sounds.

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How does the poet Coates Kinney describe the moment just before it rains?

He describes the moment before the rain as ‘melancholy’ or ‘sad. And compares raindrops with ‘tears. ‘ The poet felt the ‘bliss’ by pressing to the pillow and listening to the pitter-patter sound of the rain.

Why is the sky so gloomy?

Summer skies often look hazy because of the high humidity, which condenses in the sky and forms small liquid water particles that scatter light, creating that hazy effect. But there’s a different reason our skies have not been a nice blue color when they’re cloud-free: smoke.

What is spout Why is it called overflowing?

Why is it called overflowing? Answer: Spout is a tube or a pipe for pouring liquid. When it fulls, the liquid pours out of the limits and it is called overflowing spout.

How does the rain clatter along the roofs?

the rain makes a beautiful sound on the roof. It makes the poet to feel nostalgic. His mind creates a patchwork of memories. He feels a bliss to lie on his bed comfortably.

Why does the poet say it clatters along the roofs?

The poet welcomes the rain because it will cool the atmosphere and wash away all the dust in the surroundings and clean, the air. 2. Clatters along the roof means the sound of hoofs when the horses run swiftly on the ground.

How does the poet receive the rain when it starts falling on the roof what ideas come to his mind?

Answer: Every raindrop on the tiles of the roof creates a rhythm with the poet’s heartbeat. This evokes thousands of dreams making his thoughts busy. While he focuses on the listening to the pitter- patter on the roof, his mind starts weaving recollections of fond memories of yesteryears.

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What does woof mean in the poem rain on the roof?


S.No Words Meaning
3 Recollections Remembering previous incidents
4 Fancies Dreams and imagination
5 Echo Sound caused by hollow spaces
6 Woof Weft, thread woven across the loom

What is the main theme of the poem rain on the roof?

What is the main theme of the poem rain on the roof? Answer: The theme of the poem is the healing power of rain. The musical sound of raindrops falling on the rooftop at night has the ability to revive sweet memories and rouse fancies in an otherwise busy mind.