How far is Hurricane Douglas from Big Island?

Is Hurricane Douglas going to hit big island?

While Douglas is expected to be a hurricane as it nears Hawaii, hurricane-force winds are not expected to reach the islands. … Winds were recorded at 145 mph, and over 1,421 houses were destroyed. Two tropical systems passed near Hawaii during the 2019 tropical season.

How close was Hurricane Douglas to Hawaii?

Douglas first organized from a tropical depression more than 2,000 miles east of Hawaii, earning its name as a tropical storm on July 21 as it drifted west-southwest.

Where is Hurricane Douglas expected to land?

In July 2020, the Eastern Pacific experienced its first major hurricane of the year. After intensifying to category 4 strength on July 23, Douglas rapidly moved across the central Pacific and is predicted to make landfall in the eastern Hawaiian Islands by July 26.

Are there any hurricanes headed for Hawaii?

At this time there are currently no tropical storms in the eastern or central Pacific Ocean that pose a threat to Hawaii within the next five days. Throughout hurricane season, residents of Hawaii are advised to keep informed and to make sure they have a family plan and emergency kit ready (see “What can I do?” below).

Has there been a Hurricane Felicia?

The name Felicia has been used for five tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. … Tropical Storm Felicia (2015) – remained at sea as a weak tropical storm. Hurricane Felicia (2021) – an unusually small Category 4 hurricane which formed and dissipated in the open ocean.

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