How many buildings were destroyed in the Tri State Tornado?

Why was the Tri-State Tornado so destructive?

As the low tracked northeast during the day, its associated warm front advanced north, allowing warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico to infiltrate the Tri-State area. … What makes this tornado interesting, though, is that its occurrence was nearly coincidental with the track of the surface low.

How did the Tri-State Tornado affect the economy?

Hundreds of others had minor injuries. The tornado depressed the town’s economy for 20 years. The railroad repair center moved to Alabama, and then the Great Depression hit. It wasn’t until World War II, remembers Akin, that all the abandoned lots had been rebuilt and the town began to prosper again.

How long did it take to rebuild from the Tri-State Tornado?

NOAA/NWS 1925 Tri-State Tornado Web Site–Tornado Track

But this was much easier said than done—for it would take months to rebuild what had been demolished in less than 4 hours.

How much damage did the Tri-State Tornado cause?

The tornado killed 695 people, injured some 13,000 people, destroyed approximately 15,000 homes and caused $17 million in property damage ($1.4 billion adjusted for today), making it by far the deadliest in U.S. history and the second-deadliest in world history.

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