How many GB is Heavy Rain ps3?

Is Heavy Rain open world?

Days Gone – Heavy Rain – Open World Free Roam Gameplay (PS4 HD) [1080p60FPS] – YouTube.

Is Heavy Rain on PlayStation?

Heavy Rain is a 2010 interactive drama action-adventure video game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. … The game was released for PlayStation 3 in February 2010, PlayStation 4 in 2016, and Microsoft Windows in 2019.

How many GB is Heavy Rain ps4?

However, up until now we’ve been left in the dark on the subject of Heavy Rain’s file size, but that has changed as the first screenshot down below, from the PS Store, shows that the collection will take up 60GB of data. That leaves 27.6GB for Heavy Rain.

How many GB is Detroit become human?

Storage: 55 GB available space.

Is Heavy Rain scary?

Heavy Rain puts you through a gut-wrenching dismemberment scene. … Joking aside, Heavy Rain has some seriously disturbing moments. The central story — searching for a serial killer and a missing son — is in itself disturbing enough. There are a few things that stand out, however, as a bit tough to stomach.

Is Heavy Rain free?

Quantic Dream’s thriller Heavy Rain, formerly only available on PlayStation, has now launched a PC version. It’s available now through the Epic Games Store with a free demo.

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