How much rain does Illinois get annually?

How much rain does Chicago get a year?

Average annual precipitation in Chicago is 35.82 inches; in Seattle it’s 37.19 inches. Seattle’s precipitation falls mostly as gentle but long-lasting rains, whereas Chicago often receives short but intense rainfall that is more likely to cause flooding.

What is the driest month in Illinois?

Wettest and Driest Years and Months

Wettest Year 2008 with 50.86″
Driest Year 1962 with 22.22″
Wettest Month August 1987 with 17.10″
Driest Month September 1979 with 0.01″

What extreme weather does Illinois have?

Severe Weather

Thunderstorms account for 50-60 percent of annual precipitation and are quite common in Illinois with an average of 60 storms (far northeast) to 80 storms (southwest). Nearly half of all thunderstorm days occur during the June-August period.

Is Illinois dry?

For the week ending June 8, 31 U.S. states were experiencing drought conditions described as moderate or worse, according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In northern Illinois, conditions are abnormally dry, a moderate drought or a severe drought, depending on where exactly you live.

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