How was Meteorology discovered?

How was weather discovered?

Scientific weather observations began in the Renaissance, when barometers and thermometers were invented. European scientists of old, like Galileo, used these instruments to take the types of measurements that would one day explain weather events. By the late 1800s, rudimentary weather maps had come into common use.

How did ancient civilizations predict weather?

The art of weather forecasting began with early civilizations using reoccurring astronomical and meteorological events to help them monitor seasonal changes in the weather. … In addition, topics such as astronomy, geography, and chemistry were also addressed.

Who is the father of Indian meteorology?

Ramdas devised a system of measuring effective rainfall that included a rain-gauge held below a layer of soil and plants that simulated the land. He has been called the father of agricultural meteorology in India.

How did Egyptians predict weather?

The Egyptians looked to Ra, the sun god. … Some societies, such as the Aztecs, used human sacrifice to satisfy the rain god, Tlaloc. Native American and Australian aborigines performed rain dances. Those who were able to predict the weather and seemed to influence its production were held in highest esteem.

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