How wide was Hurricane Harvey?

How many inches did Hurricane Harvey have?

60.58 inches: The highest storm total rainfall, found in Nederland, northeast of Houston. Rainfall within a tenth of an inch of that total was recorded in Groves, a neighboring community. These both exceed the previous U.S. rainfall record of 52 inches, set by Hurricane Hiki in Hawaii in 1950.

How fast was Harvey moving?

132 mph – Harvey’s maximum winds of 132 mph occurred during a several-hour period concluding with its first Texas landfall. 111 mph – The highest observed sustained winds on land were 111 mph near Aransas Pass, with the highest observed gust being around 145 mph near Rockport, Texas.

Was Harvey a hurricane or a tropical storm?

Harvey was the first major hurricane to hit the middle Texas coast in more than 40 years. Previously, Category 3 Hurricane Celia was the strongest, making landfall on Aug. 3, 1970. Hurricane Harvey exploded from a tropical storm to a major hurricane in just 40 hours.

How many inches of water fell during Hurricane Harvey?

60 inches of rain fell from Hurricane Harvey in Texas, shattering U.S. storm record. New data from the National Weather Service shows that a weather station near Nederland, Tex. about 10 miles north of Port Arthur received 60.58 inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey.

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Has there been a storm Nicholas?

Tropical Storm Nicholas is the 14th named storm of the Atlantic’s 2021 hurricane season and formed in the south-west Gulf of Mexico last Sunday before tracking just east of far southern Texas, eventually making landfall on Tuesday. Nicholas brought heavy rain, strong winds and a storm surge, resulting in flooding.

What’s the worst hurricane on record?

The deadliest hurricane in U.S. history was the 1900 Galveston Hurricane, a Category 4 storm that essentially obliterated the city of Galveston, Texas, on September 8, 1900.

Will ADA be worse than Katrina?

Ida will most definitely be stronger than Katrina, and by a pretty big margin,” said University of Miami hurricane researcher Brian McNoldy. … Levee failures pushed Katrina’s death toll to 1,833 and its overall damage to about $176 billion in current dollars, and experts don’t expect Ida to come near those totals.