Is Hurricane Delta going bad?

Is Hurricane Delta going to weaken?

Maximum sustained winds have dropped to 85 mph (140 kph) and forecasters say Delta is expected to weaken to a tropical storm in coming hours as it heads deeper into the South.

Is Hurricane Delta getting stronger?

Areas from Louisiana to Florida are in the cone of uncertainty. It’s Hurricane Delta now, and it’s getting stronger. The National Hurricane Center said Delta, which started today as a tropical depression, has rapidly strengthened and become a Category 1 hurricane as of Monday night.

How bad can Hurricane Delta get?

Hurricane Delta has weakened to a powerful Category 2 storm, with 110 mph winds, according to the National Hurricane Center.

What states is Hurricane Delta going to hit?

17.57 inches: Although Delta moved along at a speedy clip when it made landfall, portions of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi saw at least six to 12 inches of rain.

How Fast Is Hurricane Delta going?

Hurricane Delta

Category 4 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Hurricane Delta nearing its secondary peak intensity east of Texas on October 8
Dissipated October 12, 2020
(Remnant low after October 10)
Highest winds 1-minute sustained: 140 mph (220 km/h)

How fast is Delta hurricane moving?

The major difference between Hurricane Delta and Hurricane Sally that dumped more than two feet of rain on parts of Florida is Delta is speed. Delta is moving much faster, with the latest report showing Delta has increased forward speed to 16 mph, while Sally was barely moving at 2 mph before it made landfall.

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Is Hurricane Delta going to hit Alabama?

As of Tuesday Hurricane Delta is expected to make landfall to the west of Alabama. But there is a chance that part of the state could see tropical storm force winds. This map shows the probability of seeing tropical storm winds along with the most likely time those winds will make it to your area.

Has Hurricane Delta hit land yet?

Hurricane Delta made landfall in southwestern Louisiana as a Category 2 storm Friday, compounding misery along a path of destruction left by Hurricane Laura only six weeks earlier.