Is rain bad for hair?

Does rainwater cause hair loss?

Experts say that rainwater has pollutants and chemicals from the air that damage the hair bulb and clog the hair follicles making your hair dull and thin, itchy, dry and brittle. There is also an increased risk of fungal infections because of rainwater that can cause the hair to fall and make your scalp itchy.

Should I wash my hair if it rains?

Wash Hair Immediately

Do not let your hair that has been wet by the rain to dry on its own without washing.

Is rain water good for natural hair?

Rain water perfects the hair the more you use it, making your hair soft, shiny, and defines your curls. It is best to collect rain water after a few good downpours as the first showers may be more acidic due to the chemicals from smoke, smog and other atmospheric pollutants. …

Does rain cause dandruff?

Increased pollution, dust and dirt also causes hair fall. … It makes the scalp itchy during this time, and hairfall, dandruff and frizzy hair are some common issues. “Dandruff worsens in the rainy season, as the fungus responsible for causing it flourishes in humid weather,” says renowned dermatologist Dr Ajay Rana.

Is rain water good for face?

According to skin experts, the idea that rain water is good for the skin is a myth. … Instead, because of the high level of pollutants present in this water, it may cause skin eruptions and can make the skin dirty. It may even heighten the chances of a skin infection.

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