Is rain cloud a word?

Is rain cloud one word or two?

Raincloud meaning

Alternative spelling of rain cloud.

What is rain cloud?

(reɪn klaʊd) noun. a cloud from which rain falls or looks likely to fall.

Is there a rain cloud?

Cloud Types

Although all clouds can form rain under the right circumstances, many are too distant for this precipitation to reach earth. Two types of clouds that are commonly responsible for precipitation are cumulonimbus and nimbostratus clouds.

Will be discharged or discharge?

Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense discharges, present participle discharging , past tense, past participle discharged pronunciation note: The verb is pronounced (dɪstʃɑːʳdʒ ). The noun is pronounced (dɪstʃɑːʳdʒ ).

Are rain clouds answer?

Nimbus are rain clouds.

How do you identify rain clouds?

If it is rows of low, dark, lumpy clouds, then the weather is otherwise okay, but watch for further developments. If there is a low, dark, grey sheet, then it’s probably raining. If it’s not, quickly go get your umbrella. If your clouds are low, fluffy, and white like cottonballs in the sky, then the weather is okay.

Do altostratus clouds rain?

Altostratus clouds are “strato” type clouds (see below) that possess a flat and uniform type texture in the mid levels. … However, altostratus clouds themselves do not produce significant precipitation at the surface, although sprinkles or occasionally light showers may occur from a thick alto- stratus deck.

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What is the process of rain called?

Precipitation is any liquid or frozen water that forms in the atmosphere and falls back to the Earth. It comes in many forms, like rain, sleet, and snow. Along with evaporation and condensation, precipitation is one of the three major parts of the global water cycle.