Is there a rain flower?

What does a rain lily look like?

Also known as Zephyr lily and fairy lily, growing rain lilies are petite, reaching no more than a foot (30 cm.) in height and rarely getting that tall. Pink, yellow and white crocus-like flowers bloom from late spring through late summer, sometimes earlier during rainy seasons. Multiple flowers bloom on each stem.

Are rain lilies true lilies?

While true lilies have six sepals, or petals, in their blossoms, these tough plants usually have five. The exception is the rain lily, which has six petals but is a member of the amaryllis family. … As their name implies, they sprout after a soaking rain, and are sometimes called zephyr lilies or fairy lilies.

Is rain lily poisonous?

They belong to the lily family – Amaryllaceae, and are closely related to saffron, narcissus and true crocuses. … A word of caution – while not exactly poisonous, the onion-like bulbs and leaves of most rain lilies contain mildly toxic alkaloids.

How do you get rid of rain lilies?

If you’re still determined they have to go, pop the bulbs out of the ground and dispose of them yourself. Mowing them, or cutting off the tops, will not deter them, since they are bulbs, with food stored up in the bulb, waiting for the first good day to start growing again.

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