Is there snowfall in Munnar?

Does Kerala have snow?

There seems to be no recorded instance of snowfall in Kerala, though heavy hail storms—lasting up to an hour—are not uncommon. Meanwhile, other parts of South India are also enjoying a chilly winter.

Which is colder Munnar or Ooty?

Ooty is slightly cooler than Munnar because the elevation of Ooty is higher compared to Munnar. Ooty is around 700 m+ (approx.) high, and therefore, it experiences colder weather than Munnar.

Which is coldest place in Kerala?

Munnar is the coolest place in Kerala. Apart from Munnar up in the north India there are places you can visit like Simla, Manali and Darjeeling.

Is there snow in Ooty?

Ooty lies on latitude 11.4°N (I misspoke in the video) and is 1271 km away from the equator. It is within the tropical zone. It receives direct sunlight at a high angle, making it hot. Well, it doesn’t snow there!

Which is more beautiful Ooty or Munnar?

Munnar, on the other hand is still, to a certain extent considered pristine. If the idea of the holiday is of going around, looking places, shopping etc., the choice would be Ooty. If you are looking for a quiet and calm one, Munnar is the best bet.

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Which place is better Coorg or Munnar?

I personally feel Munnar is better in your case. Coorg is spread out and not that kind of a honeymoon place, whereas Munnar offers much more in terms of weather, ambiance, locations and things to do options. You may either fly into Coimbatore or Cochin, depending on the flight schedules and costs.

How is the weather in Munnar in December?

The temperature in December and January nestles at a range of 10 degree and 15 degree. … During the monsoon, Munnar receives moderate to heavy rainfall, and the temperature drops to a minimum of 20 degree and bears at a maximum of 25 degree.

Which is the best time to visit Munnar?

December to February:The winter months are by far the best time to visit Munnar since the weather is pleasant. The minimum temperature during this time of the year drops to ten degrees Celsius and is perfect for a vacation or a honeymoon.