Is weathered a verb?

What type of word is weathered?

seasoned or otherwise affected by exposure to the weather. (of wood) artificially treated to seem discolored or stained by the action of air, rain, etc. (of rocks) worn, disintegrated, or changed in color or composition by weathering.

Is weathered a adjective?

weathered adjective – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced American Dictionary at

Can weather be used as a verb?

Weather as a Verb

When weather is a verb, it usually means to withstand something, such as a storm or crisis. It can also refer to what happens to an object when it is exposed to the elements. This usage is not as common as the noun form.

Is weather a noun verb or adjective?

weather (noun) weather (verb) … fair–weather (adjective) heavy (adjective)

What is a weathered person?

: a person who reports and forecasts the weather.

What is the opposite of weathered?

Opposite of experienced, especially in terms of a profession or a hobby. green. inexperienced. callow.

What does weathered face mean?

looking rough and old: a weathered face.

What is a sentence for weathered?

Weathered sentence example. The wooden planks were old and weathered , but felt solid enough. Katie and Bill had weathered the storm well with their new family. The garden was beginning to look weathered .

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Is the is a verb?

Yes, “is” is a linking verb. Linking verbs typically link subjects to descriptions.

How do you use the verb weather?

1[intransitive, transitive] to change, or make something change, color or shape because of the effect of the sun, rain, or wind This brick weathers to a warm pinkish-brown color. weather something Her face was weathered by the sun.

Is weather a conjunction?

Weather is primarily used as a noun. It is the state of the atmosphere in a particular place e.g., rain, sunshine, snow and so on. Whether is a conjunction. It is mostly used to introduce a clause and express a doubt or choice between alternatives.