Question: How long was Jaco in Weather Report?

Why was Jaco murdered?

Jaco Pastorius, a jazz bassist whose brief career was credited with influencing musicians around the world, has died after being beaten on the streets that had become his home for the last several months. … Police said the troubled Pastorius was beaten when he tried to enter an after-hours club known as Midnight.

Was Jaco Pastorius homeless?

Unfortunately, in 1987, the 35-year-old Pastorius — homeless and living in a park — died from the results of a vicious, barehanded beating by a nightclub manager that put him in a coma.

What happened to the guy who killed Jaco Pastorius?

The man who beat to death acclaimed jazz musician Jaco Pastorius nearly two years ago served four months in prison for the crime, a little more than 20 percent of the sentence imposed by the judge. Luc Havan, 26, was released from prison on April 18, according to the Department of Corrections.

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