Question: Was there a tornado in Marmora NJ?

Where did the tornado hit in Marmora New Jersey?

The storm, with a maximum path width of 150 yards, crossed the Garden State Parkway and moved along Route 9 in Marmora. The storm went through the Coca-Cola facility on Route 9, through several homes and then crossed Route 9 into the Pine Hill Mobile Home Court, which brought significant damage to buildings and trees.

What was the worst tornado in New Jersey?

The 1835 New Brunswick, New Jersey, tornado of Friday, June 19, 1835, was the deadliest recorded in New Jersey history.

Can a tornado happen in New Jersey?

Tornadoes are dangerous natural disasters that most commonly occur in the southern and central United States. They are much less common in New Jersey, with the state averaging around two each year. Most NJ twisters are relatively weak, short-lived, and travel from hundreds of yards to several miles.

Did a tornado touchdown in NJ today?

A National Weather Service storm survey team confirmed Thursday evening that an EF-0 tornado touched down in Rockaway Township in Morris County. …

When did tornado hit New Jersey?


Date EF# Location
May 28, 2019 EF1 Stanhope-Hopatcong, NJ
June 24, 2017 EF0 Howell, NJ
June 24, 2017 EF0 Howell, NJ
July 25, 2016 EF1 Readington-Branchburg, NJ
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