Question: What is the normal life cycle of a mid latitude cyclone?

How many stages make up the life cycle of a mid-latitude cyclone?

9.2 Midlatitude Cyclones. The polar front theory, also known as the Norwegian model, states that cyclones have a reasonably predictable, six-stage life cycle.

What are the stages or lifecycle of a cyclone?

An average life cycle of a cyclone is nine days and includes four stages: formative, immature, mature and decay. The formative stage is the first and develops from an area of strong convective cloud. Stage two (the immature stage) sees the beginning of gale force winds and the official naming of the cyclone.

What are the six major stages of the life cycle of a mid-latitude cyclone?

The Stages of Mid-Latitude Cyclones

  • Cyclogenesis. During the initial stage of the cyclone’s life cycle, also known as cyclogenesis, a boundary separates opposing fronts of cold and warm air. …
  • Mature Stage. …
  • Occluded Stage. …
  • Dissolving Stage.

What are the four stages of a mid-latitude cyclone?

2. Mid-latitude cyclone goes through a series of stages from birth, to maturity, to death as an occluded storm. 3. An important influence on the development of a mid-latitude cyclonic storm is the upper-air flow, including the jet stream.

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How long do cyclones last for?

While most cyclones undergo a life-cycle of 3-7 days some weak ones only briefly reach gale force while others can be sustained for weeks if they remain in a favourable environment.

At which stage in the life cycle of a mid-latitude cyclone are we most likely to observe an occluded front?

The final stage of the depression life cycle model is where the cold front catches up with the warm front and an OCCLUDED FRONT is created. This is the decay stage of the storm where there is no warm Tropical Maritime air in contact with the ground, it has all been uplifted.

What are mid-latitude cyclones quizlet?

(A high) area of high atmospheric pressure that flows clockwise in the northern hemisphere.