Quick Answer: In what order should I read the coldest winter ever?

In what order should Sister Souljah books be read?

Book List in Order:6 titles

  • Life After Death. Mar-2021. General Fiction. …
  • A Moment of Silence. Nov-2015. General Fiction. …
  • A Deeper Love Inside. Feb-2013. General Fiction. …
  • Midnight and the Meaning of Love. Oct-2011. Literary. …
  • Midnight. Nov-2008. General Fiction. …
  • The Coldest Winter Ever. Nov-2004. General Fiction.

Is there a sequel to the book The Coldest Winter Ever?

Do midnight and winter get together?

At the end of the book, Winter ended up getting blamed for drug selling for her ex-boyfriend Bullet. So, she got sent to jail like her daddy. Midnight eventually got married though… but not to Winter.

Does The Coldest Winter Ever have a movie?

“The Coldest Winter” is a World War II film, with the feel of a Spaghetti Western. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Amazon.com Services LLC.

Why did winter go to jail in coldest winter ever?

The Coldest Winter Ever is a novel by Sister Souljah about Winter Santiaga, the spoiled, rebellious daughter of notorious drug dealer Ricky Santiaga. However, Winter fails to heed Sister Souljah’s advice and gets arrested for transporting drugs in her boyfriend’s car.

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