Quick Answer: What is the effect of rain on natural materials?

How does rain affect the environment?

Rainwater fills reservoirs that supply drinking water, provide a habitat for fish to live, and nourishes the soil with water necessary for vegetation. Rain water, however, can also have a negative effect on the Earth when it causes erosion or when it has a high pH.

What happens to plants during rain?

You might think your plants are dangerously waterlogged as a result of excessive rain. … Another benefit of rain is that it leaches salts down beyond the root zone. These salts, which are carried in irrigation water, accumulate throughout the soil profile and inhibit plant growth.

Why is rain important for nature?

Rainfall is very important for the survival of plants and animals. It brings fresh water to the earth’s surface. If rainfall is less, there is water scarcity which sometime causes drought like situation. If there is excess rain, floods take place which make the life of the affected people miserable.

How does rainfall affect human activities?

However, too much precipitation can also have a negative impact on human activities, business and industry, agriculture, and the environment. For example, too much rain or snowmelt (water from melted snow) at one time can lead to flooding. Living organisms, including crops, can drown in floodwaters.

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How rainfall affect agricultural production?

In semiarid regions, rainfall is one of the primary factors affecting soil erosion and crop production under rain-fed agriculture. … Maize grain yields increased with increasing seasonal rainfall giving yield-responses of 0.9 t/ha (TR) to 1.3 t/ha (MR) for every 100 mm rainfall increment.

Is rain bad for vegetable garden?

Gardens need rain, but too much rainfall can cross the line. Excessive downpours or extended periods of wetness can be harmful to garden and landscape plants. … Plants that wash away or that rot in soggy soil are the most immediate and obvious problems.

How does rainfall affect fruit tree and vegetable production?

Rainfall is a key factor of production in rural areas and on most commercial farms. Moreover, rainfall provides the much-needed moisture that stimulates the regrowth of grasses and facilitates the growth of vegetables, cereal crops and fruit trees.