Quick Answer: Who is Lauren heavy rain?

Is Lauren Dead Heavy Rain?

Important: Lauren can die in this chapter. She is not a key character, but it still has some effect on endings: If Lauren dies, [A Mother’s Revenge] ending will be blocked; If Lauren survives, [Unpunished] ending will be blocked.

What happens if Lauren dies heavy rain?

Impact. If Lauren dies and Scott survives the entirety of the game, the player will receive the “Unpunished” ending. … If she survives, she will appear at his grave; if she is dead, she will not. If both Lauren and Scott survive, Scott will receive the “A Mother’s Revenge” ending.

How do I get Lauren to talk to her son?

You’ll need to ask certain questions of Lauren to get her to talk. Select Compassionate and then Trick when they’re options. She’ll talk about her son who is one of the victims of the Origami Killer. Note: This will actually take place before”White Knight” even though it appears after it on the trophy list.

Should I save Kramer?

Kramer will also suffer a heart attack, and Scott can choose to save him or to let him die. To earn the Kind Hearted Trophy, win the gunfight at the Kramer house, perfectly or not, and then choose to give Mr. Kramer his heart medicine from the desk drawer. Don’t save game here.

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Does Ethan have to drink the poison?

Ethan must drink the poison, complete the trial and receive the final portions of the address or leave and fail the trial. Ethan asks himself if he’s willing to die to save his son. … It is later revealed that the poison will not actually kill Ethan though it appears to taste or feel unpleasant when ingested.

What happens if Scott Shelby dies?

If Scott dies, he will receive the “Origami’s Grave” ending. If Scott survives with Lauren saved in “Trapped,” he will receive the “A Mother’s Revenge” ending.