Should I use screws or nails for hurricane ties?

How many screws do you need for a hurricane tie?

The bottoms of the clip engage with the top plate via four screws, creating a very secure connection between the roof and walls. Each clip is 5.25 inches long by 5.25 inches wide with 3/4-inch wide flanges.

How many nails do you need for hurricane ties?

The Simpson Strong-Tie H3 Clip is part of the Hurricane Tie System that features various configurations of wind and seismic ties for trusses and rafters. A typical H3 installation ties the single top plate to the rafter or truss. The Simpson H3 requires (8) 8d joist nails.

Do Rafter ties go inside or outside?

1 Answer. H1Z clips, per the manufacturer, belong on the outside with the “ears” facing outward (not resting on the top plate). So the upward force on the roof does not cause the top plate to pull away from the walls.

What is a strong drive screw?

The Strong-Drive SD Connector screw is specifically designed to replace nails in certain Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and is the only screw approved for that application. The load-rated SD screw has been tested and approved for use in many popular Simpson Strong-Tie products.

What nails to use for strapping?

10d nails are appropriate for ceiling strapping. You can use two nails at every intersection between a joist and the strapping. We highly recommend using a framing nailer to speed installation!

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What are Simpson screws used for?

This structural self-drilling screw is for fastening cold-formed steel framing and sheet steel sheathing to cold-formed steel.

Are hurricane ties reversible?

The RT7AT Hurricane Tie universal design connects a wide variety of roof framing members to a double top plate. … The reversible design simplifies installation eliminating the left and right connector versions and confusion in the field.

How much weight can a hurricane tie hold?

Framing Connectors for Lumber including Rafters, Trusses, and Joists

Hurricane Tie: H2
Uplift Load (Lbs.): 495
Lateral Load (Lbs.): 160
Steel Gauge: 18
Material: 316 Stainless Steel