What are the sources of winter rainfall?

What is the source of winter rainfall?

In winter,air over Siberia became cool and sinks,causes a high pressure area north of the Himalayas. This in turn creates winds that blow across india and out over the Indian ocean. This wind system is known as north-east monsoon which is responsible for winter rainfall in Tamil Nadu.

What are the sources of winter rainfall in India?

Western disturbances, precisely the ones in winter; bring restrained to heavy rain in low-lying expanses and heavy snow to hilly expanses of the Indian Subcontinent. They are the source of most winter and post-monsoon season precipitation across northwest India.

What is the source of winter rain in North India?

Western Disturbances (WDs) can be called the Indian winter monsoon because they are the major source of precipitation (for both rain and snowfall) for the north Indian region during winters.

What is the source of rainfall?

The main source of rainfall is heavy clouds.

What is the main source of rainfall in Tamil Nadu during winter?

The source of winter rain in Tamil Nadu is N.E. Monsoons which pick up moisture from the Bay of Bengal and shed in Tamil Nadu. This rain is beneficial for Rice and Coffee.

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What is winter rainfall in India?

As the extreme volatility in weather patterns continued in 2019, India received 24% more than the normal rainfall during winter. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) reported 51.4 mm of rainfall during January and February, making 2019 the second highest winter rainfall year in nearly two and a half decades.

What is winter rainfall?

Winter rainfall is locally known as Mahawat.

What is the source of winter rain to Punjab?

During the winter season, Punjab receives rainfall from temperate cyclones that originate from the Mediterranean Sea. These cyclones are not of great intensity. Tamil Nadu receives rainfall from the north east monsoon winds that blow over the Bay of Bengal and bring winter rainfall to the state.

Which are the sources of rainfall for India?

34.18 Rainfall during June – September constitutes the rains due to monsoon, which is the major source of rain in India.

Which state receives winter rainfall?

Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are the states which receives winter rainfall. Explanation: It is a phenomenon of the Northeast monsoon.