What does black cloud mean on BBC Weather?

What do BBC weather symbols mean?

Symbols indicate the weather for the stated time. … Wind speed and direction are the conditions expected at the time given. Wind direction is based on a 16-point compass: W, SW, SSW, etc. The wind arrow shows the direction in which the wind is blowing.

Which symbol would be used to represent heavy cloud on a weather map?

The central circle represents the cloud cover. A black circle means the sky is completely overcast and cloudy, and a white or empty circle means that the sky is completely clear of clouds. The amount of black shown in the circle tells you the fraction of the sky that is covered.

What does low chance of precipitation mean?

In a nutshell, it means that, whilst you may get some rain, it’s much more likely (but not certain) to stay dry. The probabilities are given for the location chosen, and thus are valid for that location only.

Is the BBC Weather accurate?

In a composite measure of accuracy, the Weather Channel and Weather Underground came top, AccuWeather fifth, MeteoGroup (the BBC’s new provider) sixth and the BBC ninth (based on Met Office forecasts). On the correct prediction of precipitation, MeteoGroup came fourth overall and the BBC 10th of the 12.

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What are the four weather symbols?

Basic weather symbols include:

  • Sunny skies.
  • Partly cloudy.
  • Cloudy.
  • Windy.
  • Rainy.
  • Fog.
  • Snow, and.
  • Thunderstorms.

How do I read cloud cover?

In meteorology, cloud cover is measured in oktas, or eighths of the sky. If you look up at the sky, and mentally divide it into eight boxes, then imagine all the cloud you can see squashed into these boxes. How many boxes does the cloud fill? This is how many oktas of cloud there are.

What is the symbol for cloud cover?


Symbol Unicode code point (hex) Resembles
U+25EF 0 okta
U+233D 1 okta
U+25D4 2 oktas
U+25D1 4 oktas

How do you read cloud cover on a weather map?

Detailed maps show the cloud cover at reporting stations with coded circles. An open circle means that the sky is clear, while a filled circle means conditions are overcast.

What do the colors on a weather map represent?

Typically, the heavier the rain, the warmer the color. So, green usually means light rain, yellow means moderate rain, and red means heavy rain or hail. … The green colors indicate winds moving towards the radar, and the red colors indicate winds moving away from the radar.

What does underlined cloud mean?

Well, the cloud with the two horizontal lines under it means it’s going to be foggy. If you drive to work, then allow more time for your journey, use fog lights when appropriate and pay extra attention on the road.