What happens if you don’t winterize your irrigation system?

What if I didn’t winterize my sprinkler system?

If an irrigation system isn’t properly winterized, water will be left in the pipes all winter. When temperatures get below freezing, the water will freeze and expand in the pipes, which could cause cracks in the pipe or on the fittings.

When should I worry about sprinkler system freezing?

While you may be eager to get your lawn back to its pristine green state, it is important to remember that temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower put your sprinkler system at risk of freezing.

How do I winterize my sprinkler system without a blowout?

Not all systems need to have the water blown out of them. You can winterize a sprinkler system without an air compressor if all of your irrigation lines are buried at a slight downhill slope. Simply shut off the main water supply to your system and open the drain valves at the end of each zone.

How much does it cost to winterize sprinklers?

The average cost to winterize a sprinkler system ranges between $75 and $150, with the average homeowner spending around $100 to inspect your irrigation system, blow it out with compressed air, and set the controls for three to four zones.

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How cold is too cold for sprinklers?

Any temperature below 40℉ is too cold to use sprinklers to water your lawn. Although air temperatures are still above freezing, water droplets clinging to grass blades will be exposed to wind chill or colder nighttime temperatures, which may freeze them solid. This can result in brittle, frozen grass.

Should I winterize my sprinkler system?

When temperatures start to fall, it’s time to consider winterizing your sprinkler system. Your lines must be drained or blown out using an air compressor before the first hard freeze. … As a general rule, you should winterize your system at least a week before the first freeze is expected.

Can pipes freeze at 27 degrees?

Pipes can freeze at 32 degrees or below, but it will take a sustained period of time for this to happen. In other words, a pipe needs to be at freezing temperatures for at least half a day before homeowners have to worry about any freezing occurring.

How much does sprinkler blowout cost?

Typical costs: Hiring a landscaping or sprinkler company to winterize/blow out a sprinkler system can cost $30-$160 or more, and typically costs about $55-$85 for an average home, depending on the number of irrigation zones in the system, the local cost of living and the month the work is done.

How do I bleed my sprinkler system?

Bleed your sprinkler system to avoid any potential problems. Bleeding, or “winterizing” your home’s sprinkler system is one way to protect your sprinkler system from freezing during winter. An easy way to do this is by draining the pipes and then blowing it out to dry with an air compressor.

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