What hurricane hit Galveston in the 80s?

What hurricanes hit Texas in the 80s?

Deadly storms

Name Year Number of deaths
Allen 1980 7
Eight 1981 5
Norma 1981 5
Hermine 2010 5

How many times has Galveston been hit by a hurricane?

Hurricanes struck Galveston at least 11 times during the 19th century.

What storm hit Texas 2015?

Tropical Storm Bill (2015)

Tropical storm (SSHWS/NWS)
Tropical Storm Bill shortly after landfall in Texas on June 16
Areas affected Central America, Yucatán Peninsula, Southern and Midwestern United States, Northeastern United States, Atlantic Canada, British Isles
Part of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season

Has there ever been a Category 6 hurricane?

But some Atlantic hurricanes are arguably strong enough to merit a Category 6 designation thanks to climate change. … But some Atlantic hurricanes, such as Dorian in 2019, have had sustained winds in the 185 miles-per-hour range. That’s arguably strong enough to merit a Category 6 designation.

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