What is on the Hurricanes jersey?

Why are Carolina Hurricanes wearing Whalers jerseys?

First Frost of the Season Expected in Parts of the State

“Cue up Brass Bonanza,” the Hurricanes said in a tweet back in November when the jerseys were announced, referencing the beloved song played at Whalers‘ games at the Civic Center.

In moving to Carolina, the whole color scheme changed and the renaming of the franchise led to a clean break away from the Whalers past.

How many stalls play in the NHL?

The Staal brothers are four brothers from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, all of whom have had NHL contracts. All but Jared Staal still play in NHL, and all but Marc Staal have played for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Careers statistics.

Player Eric Staal
Regular season A 593
Pts 1,034
PIM 828
Playoffs GP 83

The red logo is of a automobile wheel with two wings coming from the center of the wheel. Trying to change their fortunes, the Cougars name was changed in 1930 – 1931 to the Detroit Falcons. The logo is a simple wordmark “DETROIT” arched over “FALCONS” in yellow with red trim.

The primary Blue Jackets logo that was selected features a star-studded red ribbon unfurled in the shape of the team’s initials, CBJ, with an electric green hockey stick cutting through the center to represent the “J.” The 13 stars represent each of the original 13 U.S. Colonies and signify patriotism.

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