What is present tense of rain?

What noun is rain?

rain. noun. noun. /reɪn/ 1[uncountable, singular] water that falls from the sky in separate drops There will be rain across the region tomorrow.

What is the verb form of rain?

verb. rained; raining; rains. Definition of rain (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to send down rain.

What is second form of be?

The present forms are am/is/are. The past forms are was/were and the past participle from is “been”. The present participle form is “being”. The second form of verb be is was/were.

What is simple past tense of not rain?

Explanation: ‘Didn’t rain’ has been written in the simple past tense. Simple past tense is the basic tense of the past tense.

Is do present tense?

The verb “do” is a very important verb. We use it to make the present tense, the present tense negative, and for asking questions. “Do” is often used as a main verb, but only for particular activities, such as housework, cleaning, studying, research, and shopping. The past tense form of “do” is “did.”

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