What is the most resistant to both chemical and physical weathering?

Which of the following is more resistant to both chemical and physical weathering?

Metamorphic rock is most resistance to both chemical and mechanical weathering……..

What is resistant to chemical and physical weathering?

Not only is quartz the most stable of the common rock forming minerals in chemical weathering, its high hardness and lack of cleavage make it quite resistant to mechanical weathering.

What is more resistant weathering?

Igneous rocks are usually solid and are more resistant to weathering. Intrusive igneous rocks weather slowly because it is hard for water to penetrate them. Sedimentary rocks usually weather more easily. For example, limestone dissolves in weak acids like rainwater.

Which of these minerals is the most resistant to physical weathering?

Quartz is known to be the most resistant rock- forming mineral during surface weathering.

Is Marble resistant to weathering?

Marble is composed of a mineral that is resistant to chemical weathering (quartz), whereas granite is composed of minerals less resistant to weathering (like calcite). … Marble is composed of calcite, a mineral strongly resistant to weathering, whereas granite is composed of quartz, a mineral strongly reactive in water.

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Which rock is least resistant to weathering?

Igneous rocks, especially intrusive igneous rocks such as granite, weather slowly because it is hard for water to penetrate them. Other types of rock, such as limestone, are easily weathered because they dissolve in weak acids.

Which mineral is least resistant to weathering?

Stability of Common Minerals Under Weathering Conditions

1. Table 6.2: Iron oxides, Al-hydroxides, clay minerals and quartz are the most stable weathered products whereas highly soluble minerals like halite are the least stable.

Which material is most resistant to chemical weathering quizlet?

Silicate minerals that crystallize early (e.g., olivine) are least resistant to weathering, whereas silicate minerals that crystallize late (e.g., quartz) are most resistant. Additionally, a rock with cracks and/or holes is more susceptible to chemical weathering.

Is Sandstone resistant to weathering?

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is highly resistant to weathering. Other sedimentary rocks you will encounter are mudstone and siltstone. These are soft and easily weathered (lots in the Painted Desert). Yet another sedimentary rock you will see is limestone.

Is shale resistant to weathering?

The material found in sediment grains also affects the rate of weathering. The mechanical weathering of rocks like shale and sandstone causes their grains to break up over time and become sand and clay particles. … These rocks and other similar types tend to resist weathering.