What is the significance of the repeated reference to rain throughout the story?

What is the the significance of the short story There Will Come Soft Rains?

Bradbury’s point is that if nuclear war decimated humankind, which was a widespread concern in 1950 when the short story was first published, nature would take over the world again. Rain would continue to fall, birds would fly and sing, and trees would bloom despite the extinction of humanity.

What is the significance of the decoration in the nursery in There Will Come Soft Rains?

The nursery’s decor is significant because it might suggest that separation from the natural world left humans vulnerable to a holocaust.

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How does Bradbury describe the nursery What is significant about the way nursery is decorated?

How does the author describe the nursery? What is significant about the way the nursery is decorated? It is a technologically created nature scene, set to reveal itself at a specific time of day. Suggesting that the children in the house experience nature that is manipulated, as opposed to having authentic experiences.

What is the significance of the poem and therefore the title of the short story What is this poem saying that directly ties into the theme of the story?

The title of the poem “There Will Come Soft Rains” symbolizes the enduring, restorative power of the natural world, which will continue to thrive long after humans cease to exist.

What was on the west wall of the house There Will Come Soft Rains?

The west side of the house is “charred.” The entire west wall of the house is black (charred from the blast) except for five white spots (silhouettes). … This is why their white silhouettes remain on that wall. It is a tragically poetic image of the aftermath of the bomb.

Why does Bradbury include the exact times of specific events What effect does the announcement of the time have on the tone of the story?

The chronology is important in this story because it creates suspense and helps the reader understand the effect of no longer having humans.

What is the lesson that Bradbury is trying to teach?

The story by Bradbury as well as the poem by Teasdale (both with the same title) teaches humans that technology, while we love it and depend upon it, can be our ultimate downfall unless we are careful.

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Why do you think Bradbury waited until paragraph 10 to explain what had happened to the city why do you think he waited to show what had happened to the family?

Based on Bradbury’s descriptions in the story, how do you think the city and its inhabitants were destroyed? Bradbury waited so the reader will continue to read, build suspense to his story, and a way to pull the reader in.