What is the weather like in Kentucky in April?

Is April a good time to visit Kentucky?

The best time to visit Kentucky is between April to June and the fall season between August to September. … This season falls in both the summer and spring months and days are long and humid. There is moderate rainfall and the temperate climate brings about the largest crowds in the month of June.

How cold is Kentucky in April?

Daily high temperatures increase by 9°F, from 61°F to 70°F, rarely falling below 47°F or exceeding 81°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 9°F, from 42°F to 51°F, rarely falling below 29°F or exceeding 62°F.

Does it snow in April in Kentucky?

The northern counties of Kentucky near Cincinnati may get a brief burst of snow during the Friday-Saturday time period as the trough bringing the coldest of the arctic blast moves across the state.

What part of Kentucky has the best weather?

As one of the least humid cities in Kentucky, Franklin has overall the best weather in the state. Despite an annual rainfall of about 50 inches on average, Franklin, Kentucky sees about 210 sunny days all year and average summer temperatures in the high 80s.

Is Kentucky humid or dry?

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State Average RH Average Dew Point
Kentucky 70.3% 46.6°F
Louisiana 74.0% 58.3°F
Massachusetts 71.1% 39.9°F
Maryland 68.8% 45.2°F

Is Kentucky a good place to live?

Is Kentucky a Good Place to Live? Kentucky is an excellent place to live if you’re looking for affordable home prices, a low cost of living, delicious bourbon, top-tier national and state parks, southern friendliness, and did we mention good bourbon!

Does Kentucky have good weather?

Kentucky Weather

Because of our central U.S. location, the weather in Kentucky is typically mild and moderate. The state experiences all four distinct seasons, with warm summers and moderately cold winters. … When it comes to great outdoors weather, Kentucky is most popular in spring and fall.

What months does it snow in Kentucky?

Snow accumulates mainly during January and February. Typically, on one or two days a year, the snow covering Louisville gets to five or more inches deep.