What month does Alabama get the most snow?

What month does it snow in Alabama?

Days 1-15, and days 16-end. February 1-15 tended to be the snowiest two week period in Alabama. There was a total of 22 events in the beginning of February that met the study’s criteria. Overall, January was the snowiest month, with a total of 31 events.

Where in Alabama gets the most snow?

Detailed List Of The Snowiest Places In Alabama

Rank City Snow (Inches)
1 Fort Payne 2.8
2 Florence 2.2
3 Scottsboro 2.0
4 Muscle Shoals 1.9

Does Alabama get a lot of snow?

Although snow is a rare event in much of Alabama, areas of the state north of Montgomery may receive a dusting of snow a few times every winter, with an occasional moderately heavy snowfall every few years. … The annual average snowfall for the Birmingham area is 2 inches (51 mm) per year.

How common is snow in Alabama?

Alabama averages 1 inches of snow per year.

The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

Has it ever snowed in April in Alabama?

It can snow in April, as evidenced by the 5 inches that fell on April 3, 1987. It rains on 9.1 days on average. Thunderstorms occur on 5.0 days on average. April is the prime severe weather season in Central Alabama.

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What is the most snow ever recorded in Alabama?

Alabama’s heaviest snow on record occurred on another winter holiday: New Years Eve to New Years day 1963-64. Unofficial reports of 24 inches of snow were noted in north- west Alabama; Huntsville reported 17.1”. Another remarkable storm was the March blizzard of 1993.

Is there snow in February?

Average Snowfall for US Cities in February

Plus there’s a summary of which city in February is usually the snowiest. … Some cities that normally never get snow at all have had a rare snowfall in February. In 1976, San Jose received half an inch of snow, while the Phoenix airport recorded 0.6 inches in 1939.

Where does it always snow in January?

New Year’s Day is often snowy for much of the northeastern United States and the western mountains. Large American cities that are more likely than not have snow on January 1 include Buffalo, Rochester, Salt Lake City, Milwaukee and Minneapolis.