What state in the USA has the worst acid rain?

Where in the United States have lakes been most affected by acid rain?

Their work used data from a survey by the Environmental Protection Agency of 1,180 lakes and 4,670 streams in what EPA determined to be acid-sensitive areas of the United States. The area where lakes were most likely to have been affected by acid rain was the Adirondack mountains of Upstate New York.

Where are the worst cases of acid rain effects?

China had its worst spell of acid rain in August with Beijing among the hardest hit, the China Meteorological Administration said Friday. The CMA report said 19 of the 155 acid-rain monitoring stations across China recorded acid rain every rainy day last month.

Which region of the continental United States is the most affected by acid rain?

Continental United States most affected by acid rain is the Northeast, where pH levels of between 4.0 and 4.5 are commonplace.

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Is there acid rain in Florida?

Acid rain occurs in Florida, but the degree of acidity of the state’s rainfall is much less than that of the Northeast United States, where most of the ecological damage associated with acid rain has been found. However, Florida does have a number of lakes that are potentially sensitive to acidification by rainfall.

Has acid rain killed anyone?

At the end of the last century, a great environmental crisis came from above in the form of acid rain. … A 1984 Congressional report estimated that acid rain caused the premature death of about 50,000 people in the United States and Canada.

Which two states are most affected by acid rain?

The report assessed the acidity of precipitation, the ability of soil and water to withstand acidity and the effects of acid rain in 21 states. Only two, New York and Rhode Island, are in the Northeast, the region considered the most severely affected by acid rain.

Does New York have acid rain?

Acid in the atmosphere falls on Central New York more heavily than almost anywhere in the nation. “New York state has some of the most sensitive and highly impacted areas in the country,” said Rona Birnbaum, chief of assessment and communications for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s acid rain program.

Does Seattle have acid rain?

Rainfall in the Washington area has an average pH of 4.2 to 4.4, more than 10 times as acid as unpolluted rain. The main source of pollution here is exhaust from automobiles, trucks, and other forms of transportation.

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Can acid rain burn your skin?

Very strong acids will burn if they touch your skin and can even destroy metals. Acid rain is much, much weaker than this; it is never acidic enough to burn your skin. Rain is always slightly acidic because it mixes with naturally occurring oxides in the air.

Why is the East Coast most affected by acid rain?

The acid rain comes from the slightly more western places where coal is mined, and then burned in “mine-mouth” coal plants, unsurprisingly located at the mine mouths. The winds tend to blow from west to east, so VA and MD get WV’s pollution, while the New England states get Ohio and PA’s pollution.

What is the pH of rain in Illinois?

In Illinois, the rainfall pH figure has historically been around 4.4, a value consistent with what has been measured in the state this year. (pH levels since 1978 have been 4.3-4.5 all across the state.)

Is there acid rain in New Jersey?

A cause-effect relationship has been commonly known to exist between nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide; the by-products of industrial activity and auto exhaust emissions, and acid rain. … The results of this preliminary investigation show that acid rain does occur in Northern New Jersey (rainwater pH <5.0).