What Texas counties will be affected by Hurricane Laura?

Where in Texas will Hurricane Laura hit?

The storm, currently a Category 4 hurricane, is expected to hit land just east of the Texas-Louisiana border by Thursday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

What counties are declared disaster in Texas?

The counties included in the disaster declaration are Aransas, Brazoria, Calhoun, Chambers, Galveston, Harris, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson, Matagorda, Montgomery, Newton, Nueces, Orange, Refugio, San Patricio, Liberty, Wharton and Victoria.

Is Hurricane Laura going to hit Texas?

Hurricane Laura is currently forecast by the National Hurricane Center to make landfall on the Louisiana or upper Texas coast as a category 3 hurricane.

What counties are affected by Hurricane Laura?

Tropical storm-force wind gusts affected several counties across southern Florida, particularly Collier, Miami-Dade, and Monroe counties.

What part of Texas did the hurricane hit?

Nicholas touched down on the eastern part of the Matagorda Peninsula, about 10 miles west southwest of Sargent Beach, Texas, with maximum winds of 75 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami. Nicholas was she 14th named storm of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season.

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Will there be a hurricane in Texas 2020?

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Hurricane Season was expected to be an active one for the Atlantic Basin in 2020. The forecast issued by NOAA in late May called for 13-19 named storms, 6-10 of which could become a hurricane, and 3-6 of those reaching Category 3 strength or higher.

Was Texas declared a natural disaster in 2021?

Pursuant to Section 418.017, I authorize the use of all available resources of state government and of political subdivisions that are reasonably necessary to cope with this disaster. …

Is Texas a qualified disaster area?

The following Texas counties have been designated as in the federally declared disaster area as of 9/20/17: Aransas, Austin, Bastrop, Bee, Bexar, Brazoria, Burleson, Calhoun, Chambers, Colorado, Dallas, DeWitt, Fayette, Fort Bend, Galveston, Goliad, Gonzales, Grimes, Hardin, Harris, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson, Karnes, …

Is Houston a qualified disaster area?

HOUSTON — Texas is a disaster area and help is headed in, but more help could soon be available thanks to a major disaster declaration.

Did Hurricane Laura affect Houston Texas?

Texas residents woke up Thursday relieved to escape the worst of Hurricane Laura. … But the storm spared Greater Houston and most of Southeast Texas after its last-minute turn east — despite bringing widespread damage to Louisiana Thursday, killing at least two people.

Did Galveston get hit by Hurricane Laura?

Although the storm didn’t hit Galveston directly, the strong waves and high tides wiped out many dunes and eroded areas of the beach. Residents woke up after Hurricane Laura to sand washed onto the roads.

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How many times has Texas been hit by a hurricane?

Some of these turn into tropical storms, and on average, two each year become hurricanes that make landfall in the U.S.40 Between 1851 and 2016, 289 hurricanes affected the continental U.S. Of these, 63 made landfall in Texas.