What year was Hurricane Irene in Vermont?

When was Hurricane Irene in Vermont?

Early on August 29, Irene transitioned into an extratropical cyclone while striking Vermont, after remaining inland as a tropical cyclone for less than 12 hours. Throughout its path, Irene caused widespread destruction and at least 49 deaths.

Was Irene a hurricane in Vermont?

Tropical Storm Irene had been downgraded from hurricane status by the time it reached Vermont on Aug. 28, 2011. But its payload of torrential rain created a full-blown disaster. The storm itself took less than 24 hours to pass through the state.

How much rain did Vermont get during Hurricane Irene?

The 2011 storm dumped up to 11 inches of rain, destroyed nearly $750 million in property (a figure equal to almost two-thirds of that year’s state general fund budget) and damaged 200 bridges, 450 utility poles, 600 historic buildings, 1,000 culverts, 2,400 road segments, 3,500 homes and 20,000 acres of farmland.

What states were affected by Hurricane Irene?

The Path of Hurricane Irene

The storm first made U.S. landfall as a Category one hurricane in North Carolina where it caused major damage to a major highway along with homes and businesses across the state. Flood damage occurred throughout Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Was Hurricane Irene a 100 year storm?

Videos of rampaging rivers in Vermont, New York State, New Jersey, and surrounding states attest to the extreme nature of the great deluge Hurricane Irene brought. … According to imagery from metstat.com, Irene’s rains were a 1-in-100 year event for portions of six states.

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Was Hurricane Irene worse than Sandy?

The effects of Hurricane Irene in New Jersey in 2011 included about $1 billion in damage to 200,000 homes and buildings. This made it the costliest disaster in the state’s history, though this was dwarfed by Hurricane Sandy the following year.