When were hurricane shutters required in Florida?

What if I don’t have hurricane shutters?

Hurricane-force winds can lead to a tremendous amount of pressure against your windows. Without hurricane shutters or impact-resistant glass, your windows may shatter as a result of this pressure, bringing in rain and debris that can cause significant damage to your home.

Does Florida require hurricane windows?

The Florida Building Code (FBC) requires windows to be impact-resistant or protected if located within one mile of the coast where the wind speed is 110 mph or greater.

Do I need hurricane shutters on all windows?

With impact hurricane windows and doors you do not need hurricane shutters. … Hurricane impact windows are made with coastal packages that have all aluminum and stainless steel components. Old hurricane shutters can become debris in a hurricane if they are not properly installed or if they are rusted and old.

Do new homes in Florida have impact windows?

FBC 2020 will be the 7th edition of the Florida Building Code. A common question among Florida property owners is “Are impact windows required in Florida?” The short answer is no.

Does boarding up windows help hurricane?

Unlike a tornado or an earthquake, weather forecasters can accurately predict the likely path and strength of a hurricane well in advance of the storm’s landing. … Boarding up doors and windows won’t prevent all damage but can help you avoid some of the repairs associated with large storms.

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Should you crack a window during hurricane?

Opening your windows during a storm allows wind, water and debris to enter and cause interior damage to your home. Even cracking your windows can have detrimental effects on your home, allowing in wicked winds, rain and storm debris.

Are Low E windows required in Florida?

Renovation rule

Since 1978, a Florida statute has dictated that building renovations that are less than 30 percent of the assessed value of a structure do not have to comply with new energy codes. This included windows, until this year.

When did they start making hurricane windows?

The technology behind hurricane impact windows dates to the 1930s when glass manufacturers were under pressure from the auto industry to create a tough, durable material for vehicle windshields.