Where are Hurricane Deck Boats made?

Are Hurricane Deck boats any good?

Older models of Hurricane Boats have a decent reputation online, and it is about the same as current models. There is usually the major caveat that they are not good for offshore or dealing with waves, but they are comfortable in coastal waters and rivers.

Who owns Hurricane Deck boats?

Our Brands: Hurricane | Polaris.

Are Hurricane Deck boats aluminum or fiberglass?

Hurricane uses 316L stainless steel for all our hardware—from grab rails to cleats—to ensure long-lasting, corrosion-free components.

Are deck boats good for ocean?

Deck boats can handle rough waters like ocean or seas, but a deep V-hulled deck boat will handle it better than other hulls. A deep V-hulled deck boat with a narrow bow can easily cut through all the waves, resulting in a smooth and steady ride. However, deck boats aren’t intended to be used in the ocean.

Are Hurricane deck boats self bailing?

Check out Hurricane’s Sundeck 2400 OB Extreme. A few blasts from a hose clean the self-bailing, fiberglass-lined cockpit, and then the same hose flushes the outboard of salt. You’re done.

Where is the bilge pump on a Hurricane deck boat?

The bilge is located just under the back seats but is only accessible through a couple of 6 inch holes in front of the engine, or maybe through the battery port.

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How fast can a deck boat go?

Also worth noting, it is normal for deck boats to have inboard engines or 300hp outboards and be able to reach speeds from 50 to 70 mph. The physical differences between deck boats and pontoons lend them to different types of entertainment.

Can you fish from a deck boat?

Deck boats are known for performing well in rivers, lakes and smaller bodies of water. This makes them ideal for lake fishing, but not so much if you do your best fishing out on wide-open waters. Otherwise, you might want to look elsewhere for a relaxing weekend away.