Where did the Carolina Hurricanes play in 1997?

What city did the Carolina Hurricanes move from at the conclusion of the 1996/97 season?

If hockey was going to continue to grow and flourish in the Triangle, in the state, he was committed to being a big part of it. The Hurricanes were seen as something of a novelty act in 1997 when the NHL franchise moved to North Carolina from Hartford, Connecticut.

What arena do the Carolina Hurricanes play in?

On the right shoulder is a ghosted version of the Hurricanes’ primary logo. On the left shoulder is a ghosted version of the North Carolina state flag, a nod to the team’s home in the state’s capital city. The new secondary logo, which features two flags to indicate a hurricane warning, anchors the jersey as the crest.

Where do the Capitals play?

What city were the whalers from?

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