Where did the white hurricane of 1913 happen?

When did the White hurricane start?

November 7, 1913: “White Hurricane” strikes the Great Lakes, 38 vessels lost or stranded, 250 dead. This day in 1913 marks the start of one of the biggest storms sailors on the Great Lakes have ever experienced.

What caused the white hurricane of 1913?

Technically, the Great Lakes Storm of 1913 was an extratropical cyclone, caused by the convergence of two major storm fronts (see weather map in slideshow above). The lakes’ relatively warm waters fueled the storm. It created hurricane-force winds, massive waves and whiteout conditions.

How many people died in the white hurricane of 1913?

In what has been described as the worst shipping disaster on the Great Lakes, 12 ships sank and 19 others were stranded on four of the five lakes. More than 250 people died, and more $5 million in ships and cargo was lost (about $100 million in today’s currency).

How long did the white hurricane last?

The Great White Hurricane of 1888 struck on the night of March 11 and continued furiously for two days, dumping as much as 60 inches of snow on parts of the Northeast. One of the worst blizzards in U.S. history, it killed 400 people and paralyzed the East Coast from the Chesapeake to Maine.

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