Where do trout hold in the winter?

How do you catch trout in the winter?

If you’re ready to give winter fly fishing a try, keep these eight tips in mind.

  1. Slow down. In the winter, everything slows down, and your presentation needs to do the same. …
  2. Look for deep, slow water. …
  3. Size down. …
  4. Fish tailwaters. …
  5. Know your winter dry flies. …
  6. Sleep in. …
  7. Target warm days. …
  8. Try dead drifting a streamer.

Are trout deeper in the winter?

In winter, fish migrate to deeper pools, especially in the center, and deeper runs of slow to moderate current. You’ll frequently find them grouped in pods, so when you hook one, there could be more.

What do trout do in the winter time?

Think Slow and Deep. Fish will pack into the deep, slow moving pools during winter where they can live out the colder months expending as little energy as possible.

Where do trout usually stay?

Any place where a stream changes direction is a good place to find trout. In meadow streams, where the spring water wells up and meanders lazily along the creekbed, a corner or bend is the best place for trout because holes get scoured out, offering deeper water.

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What do trout feed on in winter?

Trout eat minnows and crayfish during the winter but won’t chase them far. A small streamer, fished upstream like a nymph with an occasional twitch, may interest a trout. 7.

How cold is too cold for trout?

If the water temperature is below 40 degrees very few trout will be interested in seeking food. And when the water temperature moves up to 40 degrees a few trout will be feeding. Thus for winter trout fishing you need to seek out the rise in stream temperature to 40 degrees.

How cold is too cold for fishing?


LAKE SPECIES Too Cold F Best Temps F
MUSKIE 50 60-70

Do trout feed in cold weather?

The metabolism of trout slows as the weather cools and although trout will feed throughout the day they rarely move more than a few inches to take your fly resulting in very light finicky takes that are easy to miss. Water temperature is a key consideration when fly fish in winter.

What depth do rainbow trout feed at in winter?

Prime depths are 4 to 8 feet, unless no flats exist at those depths. Trout feed deeper, too, but when they do, it often occurs just past the lip of the first major drop leading to these shallow flats. Mobility often is a negative when fishing for rainbow trout in shallow water, since activity spooks them.