Where does Apple weather get data Australia?

Where does The Weather Channel get its data Australia?

Location of stations

Weather data are obtained from different types of observing stations around Australia, on offshore islands, and in the Antarctic.

Where does the Apple weather app get its data?

The data is provided by The Weather Channel.

Where does The Weather Channel get its data?

The Weather Channel licenses its weather data from IBM. As of September 2018, the Weather Channel was received by approximately 79.128 million households that subscribe to a pay television service throughout the United States.

Why is Apple weather wrong?

As it turns out, they do, they just have different ways of interpreting their data, ultimately leading to different weather forecasts. … quality control of the data, space and time scale for which the information is valid, rendering of the information [or] interpretation by the user of the information.”

How accurate is Apple’s Weather app?

A study by ForecastWatch which assesses the accuracy of weather outlooks showed Weather Company is the US’ most accurate forecaster getting it right 77.5 per cent of the time.

Which weather app is most accurate in Australia?

Australia’s favorite weather app, Weatherzone, gives you access to detailed observations, 7 Day forecasts, rain radar, BOM warnings and much more. It uses Bureau of Meteorology forecasts to produces accurate forecasts for Australia and the world.

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What data does Apple weather use?

Data for temperature and precipitation maps is provided by Apple using information from national weather services. Data for the weather data labels on the temperature and precipitation maps is provided by The Weather Channel and/or Apple. Data for air quality maps is provided by BreezoMeter and QWeather.

What is the default Apple Weather app?

Apple’s default Weather App is simply called weather. Blue icon with a cloud and a sun behind it.

Where is Jen Carfagno today?

Jennifer “Jen” Carfagno (born July 19, 1976) is an American television meteorologist, currently working for The Weather Channel (TWC), co-hosting AMHQ from 6 to 9 am weekdays with Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore.