Where does the poet hear the rain PATA?

What does the poet hear the rain patter?

The poet listens to the patter caused by the sounds of the raindrops on the roof. At this moment the memory of his mother comes alive into his mind.

What does the poet hear when he lies on his bed?

When the poet lying on the bed, he or she feel delighted to start living with his head and also pressed against the pillow of his cottage chamber bed. Then he listens to patter of the soft rains and also memory which comes to poet is of his mother and her found look with better ideas of it.

Where does the poet live rain on the roof?

When the poet is in his cottage and lies in his cozy bed listening to the soft music of rain on the roof, his mind is flooded with memories of his mother.

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Why does the poet call the rain a musical sound?

Why does the poet call the sound of the rain as “refrain”? Ans: A refrain is a line repeatedly used in a song or a poem. The drops of the rain produce a distinct and continuous music by way of their pattering. This repetitive sound of the rain is called ‘refrain’ by the poet.

How does the poet describe the falling rain in the poem rain on the roof?

The poet first describes the falling rain as the tears of clouds. … He listens to the patter of soft rain on the wooden roof and is lost in fantasies. He considers it a rare happiness to listen to the patter of the rain on the roof. Rain brings to his mind memories .

What does the poet hear?

“In the deep heart’s core” he hears, even while standing on the roadways and pavements of an urban center, the sounds of Nature that fill the air at Innisfree. In his memory and imagination, the speaker hears the quiet lapping of small waves along the lakeshore that are a constant sound there.

What sound did the raindrops make?

Very easy to decipher. Because the words are self-explanatory: pitter-patter is the sound of raindrops. The first line describes a drizzle and the second a torrent of rain.

Where did the poet like to have his bed?

Answer: The poet wants his bed in the bush so that he can see the stars.

Where do poets reside?

Where does the poet reside? Answer: The poet resides very far away from his native land.

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What does the poet listen in the poem rain on the roof a the sweet music of insects B sweet music of piano C the sweet music of raindrops D All the options are incorrect?

(c ) Coates Kinney Q2. What does the poet listen? Ans. (c ) The sweet music of raindrops Q3.