Where is cyclone Niran heading?

Is there a cyclone coming to Cairns?

There are currently no tropical cyclones affecting Qld.

Are there any cyclones near Australia?

There are currently no tropical cyclones.

Is there a cyclone in Queensland now?

There are currently no tropical cyclones affecting Queensland.

Are there any cyclones in the South Pacific?

There are no active storms. The South Pacific Basin is currently outside of its typical tropical cyclone season, and no tropical development is expected in the South Pacific in the foreseeable future. …

Has there been a hurricane Nora?

Hurricane Nora (1991) – a Category 2 hurricane that dissipated before landfall. … Tropical Storm Nora (2015) – approached Hawaii but dissipated before landfall. Hurricane Nora (2021) – a large Category 1 hurricane that made landfall in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

What is the name of the cyclone off Cairns?

Wild weather not over yet

Emergency services have met in Cairns to discuss their response to Tropical Cyclone Niran. Heavy rain and winds associated with the weather system saw many communities in the area lose power.

What is the name of the cyclone in north Queensland?

Cyclone Debbie

Category 4 severe tropical cyclone (Aus scale)
Fatalities 14 total
Damage $2.73 billion (2017 USD) (Second-costliest tropical cyclone in the Australian region basin)
Areas affected Queensland, New South Wales, New Zealand
Part of the 2016–17 Australian region cyclone season
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How many cyclones have hit Queensland?

The PerilAUS database shows there have been 46 tropical cyclones near Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Most have been minor; the most damaging were tropical cyclones Dinah in January 1967 and Wanda in 1974.