Who helped 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami?

What did the government do to help the 2004 tsunami?

The international community’s response

Governments, international organisations and hundreds of non-government organisations (NGOs) galvanised into action. Relief operations proceeded swiftly and effectively, providing food, clean water, health services and temporary shelter for hundreds of thousands of people.

How did Canada help with the Indian Ocean tsunami?

The Canadian Red Cross provides CIDA with a rapid global response and assessment capacity. This response unit deployed over 67,000 kilograms of essential relief supplies to Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, in less than 48 hours after the Asian tsunamis.

How many countries helped the 2004 tsunami?

World Vision mounted its largest single relief response across five countries simultaneously – Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Myanmar. The response to affected communities included: emergency relief – meeting survival needs and restoring basic services. reconstruction of houses and infrastructure.

Who helps after a tsunami?

Call the National Response Center 800-424-8802 (24 hours a day every day). For those without 800 access, please call 202-267-2675.

How did the government help the Indian Ocean tsunami?

Coordinating Government-wide Mechanisms: Within the first day after the tsunami struck, U.S. Ambassadors and embassy staff, including USAID missions, were on the ground working with national and regional governments to disburse emergency funds, identify relief needs, and provide rapid assistance.

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How does the government help after a tsunami?

After a tsunami

Recovery centres may provide a range of welfare services including financial assistance, personal support, organising temporary accommodation and providing information and referrals. Communities and people pull together after major natural disasters.

How much money did the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami cost?

How much financial damage did the 2004 tsunami cause? In terms of the death toll and the number of displaced people, this was the worst natural disaster in recorded history in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The total economic cost of damage was estimated at US$ 9.4 billion.