Who was Lencho life affected by the rain?

What was the effect of rain on Lencho?

The rain changed into hailstorm . The hails fell on the house,the garden , the hillside and the cornfield. They also fell in the whole valley. They destroyed the Lencho’s field completely.

How was Lencho life affected by the hailstorm?

Lencho, a farmer, had grown corn and kidney beans on his farm, things were looking good and he was expecting a bumper harvest if the farm received enough rain. … The weather suddenly became adverse and instead, the rain changed to hailstones which wrecked havoc on his farm. All his crops were completely destroyed.

What happened to Lencho feel after the rain?

Answer: When the hail stopped, Lencho’s soul was filled with sadness. He looked around at his fields and said that even a plague of locusts would have left more than what was left after the hailstorm. He said that they would have no corn that year and they would go hungry.

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Who was Lencho Why was he worried for rain?

Every year, Lencho used to sell the corn harvest and to earn money. It was the only source of income for him. With the destruction of the crop, his hopes for earning money also ended. He was worried because he would have to stay hungry that year.

How did Lencho feel when it started raining What was the effect of the rain on the crops?

Answer: When it started raining Lencho regarded his field with satisfaction. He was happy to see his crop draped in a curtain of rain. He hoped to reap a good harvest.

What was the effect of rain on the crops Class 10 English?

(ii) What was the effect of the rain on the crops? Answer: (i) Lencho was excited when he came out of his house to have the pleasure of feeling the rain on his body. He compared the raindrops with coins, as he knew that a good rain would mean a good crop and a good crop would mean a lot of money.

How did the hailstones affect the valley?

For an hour the hail rained everywhere including Lencho’s corn field. The field was white as if covered with salt. The flowers were gone from the plants. The corn was totally destroyed.

How did the hailstorm ravage Lencho’s corn?

Lencho was a farmer who lived in a valley. Lencho’s corn field was destroyed because of the hail storm. he wished for the rain for a good harvesting but later a strong wind started blowing and the rain started converting to hailstones. … because of the hailstorm, all his corn crops were destroyed.

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How did hailstorm shattered Lencho’s hope and dream?

How did the hailstorm shatter Lenchos hope and dreams? Answer: The rain that was welcomed by Lencho, all of sudden, changed into hailstorm. … Lenchos hope changed into despair and badly shattered his dreams of better future.

What destroyed Lencho’s fields?

After a sudden gust of wind had begun to blow, and huge hailstones began to fall along with the rain. Thus the rain changed. The hailstones destroyed Lencho’s field.

Why was Lencho heart filled sad?

Lencho’s soul was filled with sadness because his crops was totally destroyed by hailstones. Not a leaf remained on the trees. The flowers were gone from the plants. The corn was totally destroyed.