Why is the American wife not specifically named in Cat in the Rain?

Why was the wife not given a specific name Cat in the Rain?

It is very interesting that the wife had no name, but the author gave to her husband a name: George. This means that the husband was superior in that family. At the beginning of the story he was rather polite and he held a dialogue with his wife (“I’m going down and get that kitty,’ the American wife said.

Why does the American wife’s wanted the cat?

In Ernest Hemingway’s “Cat in the Rain,” the wife wants the cat both because her husband shows her little affection and because it is a symbol of stability. Both these reasons suggest that she really wants a child.

What is the point of Cat in the Rain?

The cat has a twofold meaning to the story and the American woman. First, the cat symbolizes how human beings are often faced with larger, more hostile forces than they can contend with on their own. Second, the cat symbolizes the situation of the women in her relationship.

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Why does the woman like the hotel owner in Cat in the Rain?

Cat in the Rain Quotes

The wife liked [the hotel-keeper]. She liked the deadly serious way he received any complaints. She liked his dignity. She liked the way he wanted to serve her.

Why did Ernest Hemingway write Cat in the Rain?

Background. According to the book Hemingway’s Cats, Hemingway wrote the story as a tribute to his wife Hadley. … She asked for a cat but he told her they were too poor. When she became pregnant he wrote “Cat in the Rain”, apparently based on an incident in Rapallo (where they visited Ezra Pound in 1923).

What is the American couple in Cat in the Rain most likely doing in Italy?

What is the American couple most likely doing in Italy? They are there on business.

Who is the protagonist of cat in the rain?

Cat in the Rain is a very short story and does not have many characters. The American wife is the protagonist. She seems discontented by her new marriage and the transient lifestyle she shares with her husband.

What is the husband doing in Cat in the Rain?

The American wife’s husband, George spends most of the story reading on a bed in a hotel room in Italy. He is in the country on holiday with his wife.