Why it rains in winter in Tamilnadu?

Why does Chennai get rain in winter?

-The North-east dry Monsoon winds blow over the Bay of Bengal during winter. – As they pass over the Bay of Bengal they develop moisture and bring rain to the Tamil Nadu coast. … Chennai is located on the eastern coast. That is why; Chennai obtains rainfall more in winter than in summer.

Which reason has a winter rains?

Western disturbances, specifically the ones in winter, bring moderate to heavy rain in low-lying areas and heavy snow to mountainous areas of the Indian Subcontinent. They are the cause of most winter and post-monsoon season rainfall across northwest India.

Why Tamil Nadu gets more rain in winter than in summer?

Chennai experiences more rainfall in winter than summer due to following reasons: The southwest monsoon winds hit the Western Ghats and shower rain on the western side. … In winters, the retreating monsoon hits the eastern coast and rainfall is received by it through northeast monsoon winds.

Why is Mangalore not cold even in the month of December?

Mangalore is a coastal region which experiences moderate climate due to the influence of the sea. It does not experience extreme climate. Hence, Mangalore is not cold even in the month of December.

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Why does India have winter rainfall?

Western Disturbances (WDs) can be called the Indian winter monsoon because they are the major source of precipitation (for both rain and snowfall) for the north Indian region during winters. … They are essential for the Rabi cropping season in India as they maintain the required moisture in the soil.

Does Tamil Nadu have winter?

Winter in Tamil Nadu begins in the month of November and extends until March, just before the onset of the summer season.

Why Tamil Nadu receives less rainfall in summer?

Tamil Nadu receives less rainfall in summer from the south-west monsoon as it lies in the leeward side of the Western Ghats. During winters the north-east winds are dry but as they blow over the Bay of Bengal they pick moisture and bring rainfall in Tamil Nadu as north-east monsoons.

Which month Tamil Nadu gets maximum rainfall?

Therefore, there is getting most of the rainfall in the months from October to November.