Why should a rain gauge not be set up near buildings or trees?

Why should a rain gauge be kept away from trees or buildings?

Answer: The rain gauge is kept away from trees and buildings bcoz it prevents the flow of excess of rain water from the leaves and roofs in the rain gauge.

How far should a rain gauge be from a building?

The rain gauge should be installed at a reasonable distance away from obstacles such as buildings and trees. For example, if a tree is 40ft. tall (taller than a two story house) the gauge should be placed at least 80ft. downwind from it.

Should a rain gauge be placed under a tree?

To assure an accurate reading, the rain gauge should be placed in an open area away from trees, the house, and other outbuildings. Position the rain gauge twice as far away as the height of a tree or other object and be sure to empty it after every rain shower.

What is the purpose of rain gauge?

Make and use a rain gauge, an instrument used to collect and measure precipitation (falling water). It measures the depth of the water that would cover the ground if the rain did not drain away or evaporate.

Why is rain gauge placed below the ground?

The purpose of the grid is to reduce wind turbulence around the gauge and rain splash into the gauge. … In high rainfall and poor drainage areas some arrangement has to be made to prevent the pit from flooding during heavy rain or snow melt as this could cause damage to the electronics of the gauge.

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How do you set up a rain gauge?

Making a Rain Gauge

  1. Cut the top section off a clear bottle as shown. …
  2. Place several small rocks in the bottom (for weight), then fill the bottle with water to the 0 mark. …
  3. Invert the top of the bottle into to rain gauge to act as a funnel. …
  4. Wait for the next rain and observe and record rainfall amounts.